Take a break

Through the week I just dive into freelance work or the courses that I am usually working on. I dont really give myself any time to decompress and let any new thoughts flow in. I think I have a fear that this free thinking will derail me from what I was doing in the first place.

I think this is not true. Freethinking and decompressing actually lets the mind accumulate more energy and stability. It lets the mind recover from the stress of learning all through the week.

I think it is actually the momentum of thoughts and processes that are going on in the mind that dont let it stop. All the thought is usually about how to do more, learn more, not waste any time that the mind does not stop to think what to actually do and how to relax and enjoy.

So when the time comes to actually relax it is very hard to relax because there are no ideas about how to relax.

One really good trick I have found to break away from existing momentum is to start small. Take 5 minutes to listen to a song when you would usually do your course or work on a project. Go for a walk or a bike ride.

Then you will have some mental space to think more about how to relax. Maybe you start watching a show that you have no interest in. Maybe a documentary. Just do something different that you would not do otherwise.

I have also found myself becoming more efficient over the study week. My “week” sometimes is much longer than the usual week. I might have a bout of studying that goes on for 10 days. Once I become very efficient I find myself doing 3-4 courses at the same time.

I’ll learn some front end stuff – HTML/CSS and then do a wordpress course. Move on to front end JS and then to node.

Sometimes multiple JS courses. Sometimes to linux and aws.

All that is fine. But what I would like to try and do is to be relaxed and focus on one or two courses per day. Then give those a break and do the other two. Just like in college. I usually gain momentum in a course and then want to ride out that momentum by trying to do it more.

Let’s see if I can implement this at all.

One thing that did give me a lot of security was when I completely left studying and coding at the start of 2020. I was trading stocks and focusing on investing for a while. I think 2-3 months. I automatically came back to studying programming. And I realized that it did not take me much time to pick up things.

It helps if I dont take these massive breaks and just take regular breaks so that I dont have to completely break my momentum. I think that is why I need to take these mini breaks from my routine and do different things.