The HDFC Bank Loan Document Arrived

HDFC Bank has sent a new loan document. They want to lock us in for another 5 years with their pre-payment penalty.

Does not seem like a good idea. Will have to talk to Ankush and tell him to remove that clause.

Went for a long walk with Miles and Bhakti in the evening and with Miles in the morning. He is quite reluctant to go for walks now.

Had meatloaf for dinner. It was very well made. Bhakti had ordered some nachos for mom and a salad for herself. She ordered donuts for everyone else.

Bought elementor pro today. Hopefully, I will soon get clients that I can build websites for using elementor pro.

Putting the hair oil and washing it with the Richfeel shampoo that mom has given me. My scalp feels better. Going to do this for a week and see how my scalp feels. Hopefully, it will feel better. There is still a lot of hair fall as of now.