The progression of course learning

I have been doing Udemy and other courses for a while now. Initially I thought I was not improving at all. I would start a new course and would have to relearn everything.

But now I start a new front end JS course and I can safely skips many of the sections in the beginning. This is an update. I can get to the differentiating content a lot quicker.

Why am I doing courses on a topic that I have already done courses on?

I need more practice.

I am at the stage where I cannot think of apps I want to build. A lot of great authors on Udemy have wonderful projects. They also have different personalities and strengths. So I want to learn what they are good at – like Jonas is very good at front end design and Andrew Mead is very good at generally teaching a topic.

I also need more practice. Coding and learning a new language is like learning a musical instrument. You either keep practicing or you forget what you learned earlier. I dont want to forget what I already know. So I find ways to practice that again and again. Courses are the best way to do that as of now. I hope to transition this to doing more projects for clients and having ideas of my own.

That has not developed as of yet.

Even if I have an idea like if I want to build a content management system in nodejs on my own I cant really break that problem down into actionable steps right now.

I want to get back to Brad Schiff’s node course and want to go through his project of building a blogging platform with nodejs without libraries. After I am done with this frontend js course I am going to launch back into nodejs and do a few backend projects.

I tried doing Andrew Mead’s React course, but I came to a stopping point. It was as if I was creating more complexity with React. I did not have a complex enough problem to solve with React at that time.

I need to learn how to step back from a course, go do something else and then come back to it at a later point with more practice and experience under my belt. I have done this. Much more of wordpress makes sense to me now than it did a few years earlier. Same with linux. I now use a linux PC as my daily driver and dive into different courses on linux as well to learn more about it. It has actually become fun for me.

Whatever it is I need to keep at it.