Took Bhakti to Ayurved. She started her medicine today.

Bhakti has a back ache, weakness, anxiety, and mood swings. Took her to the Ayurvedic shop in Sector 27. There was a doctor there so showed her to the doctor.

The doctor gave her a bunch of medicines.

I got some medicines for myself also.

  1. Jyotishmati oil (malkangini oil)
  2. Liquid shilajit
  3. Brahmi ghrit
  4. Ashwagandha powder

Bhakti also got an oil that she applied to her back for pain. There is one other medicine that she had.


This is a great video I’ve found that has replacements for common allopathic medicines.

I have started with jyotishmati oil via the nose from today.

Also took Shilajit with milk in the evening.

Doing a little more research about Brahmi ghrit

From this video

This video talks about solutions for depression and negative thinking.

Brahmi vati

You can take brahmi vati swarn.

Take this one tablet in the morning and one in the evening.

Take saraswatarisht with this. Take 3 teaspoons of this (add 3 tsp water to this.)

Take this one hour after breakfast and dinner.

Take brahma rasayana along with this. 1 tsp morning and night.

Take this for 3 months continuously.

Take brahmi ghrit. Put 1 tsp in warm milk and drink that milk.


Reduce dryness inducing things like tea, green tea, mirch masala.

Have rice, kheer etc.