Took Miles for too long a walk. Very sorry :(

Gave him some liquid shilajit as well. I hope it will help his health. He was breathless for 30 mins. I am so sorry Miles. I feel very sad. I don’t know why I’ve been doing this stupidity.

I will take him for a very short walk tomorrow.

Went to Goldies to get lunch.

Went to Sector 8 dhaba to get some dal, subzi and roti.

Did a lot of work for Stella and had our first call.

Tried to get in touch with Rosalin, but could not.

Had Brahm ghrit with milk in the evening. Put some elaichi and daal chini in the milk as well. It tasted quite good.

I felt very good today. I did not have to sleep in the afternoon and was able to do a lot of work along with the tutorial I have been working on. There are only 10 mins left in that tutorial.

Thank you God.