In the comments I am tracking the progress of the upais I am doing:

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  1. Ganesh ji upai is tomorrow. This will be the first one after not being able to go to the mandir last Tuesday due to the lockdown.

  2. Ganesh ji upai done. This will be the first one as we missed the last one. I think there are 7 more to go.

  3. Tomorrow is my first Shiv ji milk upai. Another round starts. I have to get my rabies shot as well. Good I logged this here because I had forgotten about this.

  4. Shiv ji upai 1 done. It was very nice to go to the mandir. I think I have to do this 7 times, but I hope I can continue to do it for a long time.

  5. Tomorrow is the Ganesh ji upai. Let’s see if we’re able to do it. There is probably a lock down going on.

  6. Due to lockdown could not do the Ganesh ji upai at the mandir. Did it at home without the laddoos. Did the prayers and the mauli.

  7. Shiv ji upai tomorrow. This will be #2. Not sure whether the mandir is open. Will have to check.

  8. This is again the first Ganesh ji upai as we could not do it the last time. Today the Mandir was open.

  9. Ganesh ji upai #2 done.

    The mandir was open. I think this upai has had a very good effect. Bhakti and I have started going for walks and have been able to diffuse situations a couple of times. Mostly by her effort though.

    Hopefully, we can keep going.

  10. Tomorrow is Ganesh ji upai #3

    This upai needs to be done early morning, but we’ve been doing it late morning.

    Hopefully, once I finish these with Bhakti, I can wake up earlier and do another round of them.

  11. Ganesh ji upai #5 tomorrow

    Thank you God for giving us the opportunity to do these upais.

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