August 23rd 2021 - Bhakti's thyroid result came / Astrology with Mr. Virk


I thought Bhakti was doing better today. She went to a doctor and for her blood test.

Diet Info

Was Vegetarian?

Mid Morning Snack: N/A
Lunch: rajma chawal
Dinner: bharta, palak paneer, roti, dahi
Diet General Thoughts

Going well. Ate less at lunch today. Ate okay at dinner. I think slowly I can try to do away with lunch and just eat at 5 pm. That would be amazing.


Going well. Did a majority of section 6 today.
Courses Done
Max React

General Thoughts

Got some more guidance from Mr. Virk.

I have to continue as before. I have to do the Wednesday Ganesh ji upais properly.

Bhakti has a whole new set of upais.

Ayurvedic Medicines

Added Ferum Sip.

Got Baptisia MT for Bhakti. Have started giving it to her.

Afternoon Nap?


Energy Level

Very good energy. Did 4 km walk and what I needed to do in the day. It is getting better.

Sleep Quality

Was not as good as yesterday, but still fine. I was not tired during the day.

I have a hunch that taking a long walk helps with the quality of sleep.