August 29th 2021 - Bhakti was quite ill


Bhakti was quite ill today. She had very low blood pressure.

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Was Vegetarian?

Mid Morning Snack: N/A
Lunch: parontha bhurji
Dinner: subway
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Going fine. Feeling okay.


Only learned though a client project on fiverr where I build a CCT on a wp site and then used JS on the front end to pull up that data and show it. Feels awesome to put different things I have learned over time into use.
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General Thoughts

Learned about an interesting thing today. There was a client who approached me on fiverr to build a simple functionality where on the backend they can enter a list of team members and on the front end that list is displayed randomly in groups of three.

They need to do this random shuffle every month.

I studied up on custom content types from Jet Engine to build a backend and open up a GET endpoint that I then accessed through a simple html page using javascript. After that I created an array from the received json and then shuffled it and picked teams of three from it.

It was a very interesting little project and I got to revisit many different things I had not seen in a while. Revisited Andrew Mead's course and put the http request from a browser into practice.

Learned how to make an http request to a wordpress backend. This is a big step forward for me. I can use go into client sites and set up custom databases and then render them on the front end using JQuery and React when I get more proficient at it.

Feels good that I got to use JetEngine to come up with a solution to a real world client problem.

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Afternoon Nap?


Energy Level

Energy is okay, but I had some irritability.

Sleep Quality

Not very good at night as I woke up tired. Had RS - still woke up tired.

I had a good routine a week or two ago when I was working through the day and sleeping through the night.

Something disrupted it.

It is still fine.