August 3rd 2021 - Three New Clients in the Last 24 Hours


Completed three projects from three different clients successfully in the last 24 hours! This is such a big thing. Have been waiting for this for so long.

Diet Info

Was Vegetarian?

Breakfast: omlette
Mid Morning Snack: N/A
Lunch: dal chawal
Lunch Desert: saunf
Tea: tea and channe
Dinner: Chicken curry and rice
Dinner Desert: saunf
Diet General Thoughts

Going fine. Eating less and getting up from the table quickly.


Nothing done today. Worked on client projects. Learned about LearnDash setup, about working with Elementor to build a simple landing page.
Courses Done
No data was found

General Thoughts

  • Woke up late. Slept well.
  • Got up and started working.
  • Had to go for ultra sound and x ray, but could not go. Maybe will go tomorrow.
  • Went for Hanumanji upai in the evening.
  • Tomorrow is the Ganesh ji upai.
  • Tomorrow is also Sasha's first birthday :)
  • She has grown quite a bit in this past year.

Ayurvedic Medicines

Afternoon Nap?


Energy Level

Was fine. Could not breathe very well, but was able to work.

Sleep Quality

Sleep was good with medha vati. The paciflora does not put me to sleep.