July 30th 2021 - Exhausted!


Very bad day health wise. Extremely exhausted. Could not sleep at night beyond 3 am last night. Went to sleep again at 8 am in the morning. Slept in the evening a bit also.

Diet Info

Was Vegetarian?

Breakfast: fried eggs
Mid Morning Snack: N/A
Lunch: rajma chawal
Lunch Desert: saunf
Tea: tea and channe
Dinner: burgers and salad with chicken patty
Dinner Desert: saunf
Diet General Thoughts

Going fine. Craving sugar and eating more than required. Not feeling well.


XD seems like a nice tool. Feel like learning it. Was very tired to do anything else.
Courses Done
Adobe XD LinkedIn Learning

General Thoughts

Have added new medicines:

Becousoules Z - with zinc and vitamin c

Evoin vitamin E 600

Celin 500 vitamin C

Lubrijoint Plus

Antoxid HC - Beta carotene, Copper, Manganese, Selenium, Zinc Sulphate

Himalya Gokshura

Ayurvedic Medicines

Afternoon Nap?


Energy Level

Terrible energy. Could barely get up.

Sleep Quality

Terrible. Could not sleep past 3 am.