July 3rd 2021 - Vitamin B12 Result


The result was 320 in a range of 211 – 946.

Need to increase it to around 500 at least. Will start looking for an overall multi vitamin as well. Will check out the GNC store.

Diet Info

Was Vegetarian?

Breakfast: Cream toast and uthpam with coconut chutni
Mid Morning Snack: Coconut malai and water
Lunch: dal chalwal bhindi
Lunch Desert: Ice cream
Tea: Cream toast
Dinner: Wrap and burrito bowl
Dinner Desert: kulfi
Diet General Thoughts
Going well, but there is a craving for sweet things. I have not had milk for the last few days. Maybe tomorrow I will try a cold milk badam.


Not studying much. In my mind now I will start studying when the bootcamp starts. Doing photoshop to decompress till then.
Courses Done
Photoshop Chris Barin

General Thoughts

  • Bhakti's Vitamin D if fine
  • She need Vitamin B12
  • I need to increase both D and B12
  • Will look into taking D twice of thrice a week and see how that goes
  • Did a little bit of the photoshop course
  • Spent some time on the site and added a few projects
  • There was a message on Fiverr from a prospective client. This time it has taken time for this message to come. Happy that it is here.

Ayurvedic Medicines

Dr. Sharma. Vitamin D. Vitamin B12. Cod liver oil. Fish oil. There is an Ayurvedic multi vitamin that Dr. Sharma has given along with a calcium and vitamin D supplement.

Afternoon Nap?


Energy Level

Was tired today. When I lifted a table up the stairs with Bhakti I realized how tired I was. Really need about 3 times more energy than I have. Sleep in the afternoon was good and on waking I did not feel bad. Went for a run that was fine.

Sleep Quality