July 3rd 2021 - Vitamin B12 Result


The result was 320 in a range of 211 – 946.

Need to increase it to around 500 at least. Will start looking for an overall multi vitamin as well. Will check out the GNC store.

Diet Info

Was Vegetarian?

Breakfast: Cream toast and uthpam with coconut chutni
Mid Morning Snack: Coconut malai and water
Lunch: dal chalwal bhindi
Lunch Desert: Ice cream
Tea: Cream toast
Dinner: Wrap and burrito bowl
Dinner Desert: kulfi
Diet General Thoughts
Going well, but there is a craving for sweet things. I have not had milk for the last few days. Maybe tomorrow I will try a cold milk badam.


Not studying much. In my mind now I will start studying when the bootcamp starts. Doing photoshop to decompress till then.
Courses Done
Photoshop Chris Barin

General Thoughts

  • Bhakti's Vitamin D if fine
  • She need Vitamin B12
  • I need to increase both D and B12
  • Will look into taking D twice of thrice a week and see how that goes
  • Did a little bit of the photoshop course
  • Spent some time on the site and added a few projects
  • There was a message on Fiverr from a prospective client. This time it has taken time for this message to come. Happy that it is here.

Ayurvedic Medicines

Afternoon Nap?


Energy Level

Was tired today. When I lifted a table up the stairs with Bhakti I realized how tired I was. Really need about 3 times more energy than I have. Sleep in the afternoon was good and on waking I did not feel bad. Went for a run that was fine.

Sleep Quality