June 19th 2021 - First Gugga Pir Upai done (Added Projects, Search, and Filters to Website)


First Gugga pir upai done today. Need to do it with desi ghee next month.

Go for next Upai on July 19th.

Diet Info

Was Vegetarian?

Breakfast: Poha
Mid Morning Snack: Apple
Lunch: Aloo ka parontha
Lunch Desert: saunf
Tea: Aloo patty
Dinner: Dal chawal and paneer
Dinner Desert: Saunf
Diet General Thoughts
Going well. Happy to be vegetarian for one more day.


Fun day. Spent a lot of time building up more site features like projects CPT and search and filters.
Courses Done
Youtube - WPTuts to build site features

General Thoughts

Great day. Night was a bit frazzled. No nap in the afternoon.

Milkha Singh passed away. Sorry to hear that.

Got a lot of work done on my website. It is looking much better.

Ayurvedic Medicines

Afternoon Nap?


Energy Level

Did well throughout the day. Is it because of the run?

Sleep Quality