June 22nd 2021


Went for second appointment to Dr. Sharma’s office, but he was out of office. Got my second dose of medication. Will go back to him on July 2nd or 3rd.

Diet Info

Was Vegetarian?

Breakfast: Upthpam
Mid Morning Snack: N/A
Lunch: Dal chawal
Lunch Desert: saunf
Tea: two butter toasts
Dinner: lasagna pasta and paneer cutlets
Dinner Desert: saunf
Diet General Thoughts
Going well. Need to remember to eat slowly. Cutting out dessert has been going well. Have milk at night also.


Enjoying Chris' photoshop courses. The support in the discord server is also great. I feel like there is a solid community there. I also feel very relaxed doing photoshop.
Courses Done
Chris Barin Photoshop both courses - enjoying it

General Thoughts

Massive nap in the afternoon. Feel rested, but also feel very hung over. It is a weird feeling.

Took only 5mg of N today. Will mix it up and see if it has a big effect.

Had some thoughts about going to the US for a bootcamp and doing a job. Spoke to Bhakti, but she was dead against it. She said I should stay put and focus on growing my freelance business. That was good advice as my energy is back in focus.


Ayurvedic Medicines

Afternoon Nap?


Energy Level

Energy level was fine. Actually, it was good if you don't consider the nap in the afternoon. I went for a run and had a good amount of energy in the run. Feel fresh after the run as well.

Sleep Quality