June 28th 2021 - Went to see Buglie Massi's apartment


Went to see Buglie massi’s apartment today. It was nice. We had a nice drive and outing. Also went to the South Indian store in Sector 47 to get batter for tomorrow’s lunch.

Diet Info

Was Vegetarian?

Breakfast: besan roti with cream
Mid Morning Snack: coconut water and mango
Lunch: white channa plus rice
Lunch Desert: saunf
Tea: two butter toasts, cake, burfi and tea :0
Dinner: rice, dal and soya bean, mushroom
Dinner Desert: saunf
Diet General Thoughts
Need to have more things that have vitamin D. Mushrooms have vitamin D. Need to have more of those.


Going well. I think I am tired so I only do a little each day. That should be fine. I just need to focus on this one course and complete it in the next few days. I have good momentum going right now.
Courses Done
Chris Barin Photoshop Beginner to Pro

General Thoughts

Had coconut water for snack - was very nice.


Ayurvedic Medicines

Afternoon Nap?


Energy Level

Not bad. Slept in the afternoon, but woke up fresh. Took the sun today in the morning. I think it really helps.

Sleep Quality