June 6th 2021 - First Day of NuCamp


Today was the first day of Nucamp where we worked on some code.

Diet Info

Was Vegetarian?

Breakfast: poha and cream toast
Mid Morning Snack: nothing
Lunch: aaloo paronthe tandoori
Lunch Desert: jamun
Tea: two cream toasts
Dinner: parvar roti chawal
Dinner Desert: mango
Diet General Thoughts
Going well. Need to start eating light at dinner. As the nexito comes down I might be more irritable, but hopefully, I will get more will power as well.


https://tjkhara.com/nucamp-day-1/ NuCamp day 1. We learned about bootstrap. It is mostly revision, but just getting set up right now.
Courses Done
NuCamp - bootstrap

General Thoughts

  • NuCamp starts
  • Went for appointment to Dr. Sharma
    • Started cholesterol medicine
    • Will try half sarpgandha vati at 11 pm
    • Will try and eat light at night. Veggies and roti or rice.
    • He said try and think less about being ill and trust the medicines. I need to give his treatment about 3 months.
    • He also said put an alarm for 1 hour when you sleep in the afternoon. I did that today.
  • Mom's investment in the Sudip mama model portfolio done today. The trades went through today.
  • Watched a bit of the intern with mom and it felt like a really nice movie.
  • Felt a bit drained today. I think the weather was harsh.

Ayurvedic Medicines

Afternoon Nap?


Energy Level

Felt tired through the day. I was exhausted mentally post lunch and was looking forward to the nap.

Sleep Quality