June 9th 2021 - Vitamin D 60,000 IU Third Day


Did not have to sleep in the afternoon.

Was able to work through the day.

Diet Info

Was Vegetarian?

Breakfast: Eggs (shakshuka and cream toast)
Mid Morning Snack: N/A
Lunch: Cant remember - was roti with dal, raita and something else. Tandoori roti. Maybe kali tori.
Lunch Desert: saunf and jamun
Tea: cream toast
Dinner: Roti and bhindi
Dinner Desert: mangoes
Diet General Thoughts
Need to cut down on sugar. You are pre-diabetic now. The less sugar you eat the less you will want to eat it. Try to avoid it. Simple dinner of roti and sabzi is going well. Need to eat slower.


Learning is going well. Spent most of today researching multi vendor sites and queries from clients on fiverr. Managed to do a little bit of bootstrap. Maybe will do more tomorrow.
Courses Done
Brad Traversy Boostrap

General Thoughts

Tomorrow is the first virtual meet up of the nucamp bootcamp.

The testosterone test results came out. The two were low and the PSA I could not understand.

Just went for a leisurely walk today.

Feeling stressed about introducing myself.

Need to think less and say

Hello I am Tajeshwar and I am from India. I used to live in the US about 8 years ago. I do freelance web development for clients.

I hope to move back to the US or pursue a remote position with a US company once I am done with the bootcamp.


Ayurvedic Medicines

Afternoon Nap?


Energy Level

I did not have energy to run around, but I was very comfortable during the day. I was able to study and do work.

Sleep Quality