Upjeet emailed in the morning

Upjeet emailed in the morning to check on me. That was very nice. I was very tired since I woke up today. Have remained tired the whole day.

Was able to do some of Stella’s work this morning. That was great.

Have had and enjoyed the Kottakkal brahmarasanam today as well. I hope it suits me. Seems okay till now.

Not sure of the exact reason on my exhaustion. Maybe it was due to working on a project after a long time. I think it is either that or the long walks. It has suddenly become quite warm as well.

Mom is benefiting from the stresscom medicine. That is good news.

No evening walk today. Did the path in the house.

Ate ham sandwiches for dinner.

Bhaji is coming tomorrow.

Meeting with the insurance person at 12 pm tomorrow. The Max Bupa people might call at 11 am. Let’s see how things go.

I need to see when Rimal is going to get started as well.