Vaccination Dose 1 Done

Received the Astrazeneca vaccination dose 1 today. I am feeling okay, but Bhakti seems to have some symptoms. We went to Mohali to Suhana hospital. It was a nice hospital and the whole process was well organized.

I checked the IDFC first bank interest rates today and they had gone down to 6%. I should probably go to Indusind bank to see what FD rates they have for senior citizens. Let’s see what they have for regular citizens as well.

Spoke to Rubi chacha in the morning as well. He seemed a bit worried about finances. I think the conversation helped him put pieces of the puzzle in the right places.

Spoke to Amit Mina as he had called after a whole year. It was great to speak with him. Sometimes you just connect with people and that just feels great. I enjoyed speaking with him.

Went for a walk with Bhakti, Sasha, and Miles at around 6:30 pm. Then went for a walk with Zaina, Zara, and Miles post dinner. Both were very nice.

Woke up around 7:20 am today and it was very relaxed. Got to read the newspaper and then take a walk. I was quite active throughout the day, but took a solid nap in the afternoon. I need to accept the nap as a part of my life for now. It is fine as the doctor has told me not to spend too much time on the computer anyway.

Working with Zaina and Zara to have them learn one multiplication table each day. Slowly and steadily I hope we can revise all the tables till 20. I’ll have to see after that what I can have them do as an independent activity.