Vitamin D Levels

Figured out that my vitamin D levels are really low. Also figured out that taking vitamin D supplements can make a person really uncomfortable that day. I did not get sleep that day and the next. I cannot still have milk. I think the vitamin D level is increasing in my body.

I saw this video:

Vitamin D Deficiency Experience

It was really insightful and I am hoping that increasing my vitamin D intake will help me get over this low energy and also cure the brain fog.

The liver is also involved with Vitamin D levels. My liver is not able to process the cholesterol properly and that is why there is not enough Vitamin D and there is another hormone that is regulated by Vitamin D. That is also not being produced. I also need to research Vitamin K.

Seems like the Aimil Boniheal is good. In retrospect I realize that my meeting with Dr. Sharma was quite productive. He saw that I was deficient in Vitamin D and started me on Boniheal. Also, he gave me the Yakrit Sanjeevni medicine for the liver. I have a hunch that my liver and my kidneys are also not functioning as well as they should be.

I have to meet him in a few days. I will go to get some more medicines tomorrow and see if he is coming back anytime soon.