Walk through Sector 4 with Bhakti and Miles

Today was a nice day. In the first half I was trying to stay away from dad to avoid any more unpleasantness. It passed away. Things were back to normal. Played with Sasha.

Confiscated Zaina’s tablet. Got dinner from Goldie’s. We have malai tandoori chicken and onion kulchas. Mom sent some stress medication for Bhaji via courier.

I asked Varun to try and get in touch with Max Bupa as I’m finding it impossible to do.

Did some photoshop and webflow.

Spent the morning working on Stella’s work. Migrated one website, but then cloudways locked me out again. Hopefully, will resume work tomorrow.

Took Miles for a morning walk as well around Sector 8A. The weather was really nice today.

Need to get the money for house expense tomorrow for mom.