Web Hosting

Over the past two years I have setup linux servers, learned a lot of stuff that server admins learn, set up wordpress on different platforms like AWS, vultr, digital ocean, and linode.

At the end of the day, as a freelancer, I realized that I can only do so much. A lot of what needs to be done is already being done by other people. Therefore, I finally decided to give shared hosting another shot.

I was working with a client on her hosting platform – siteground – and was really pleasantly surprised by the platform and their support. In my opinion, the support staff there was much better than bluehost, which I tried during this same period.

So, today I went through a lot of hoops of setting my my US phone number, transferring some money to my US bank account and then buying site ground hosting. They have stopped selling their hosting to anyone with an Indian address, phone number, or credit card. I wonder why.

The experience of hosting on siteground is very good. So much time saved. They have their own migration plugin that made moving my site over very easy. SSL was setup in minutes. The servers are in the US and I’m in India, but my site feels snappy and responds really well.

Happy to have made this move. Next going to look for a nice migration plugin that can make local dev, staging, and pushing changes to production easier. I cant be working on client changes and be worried about jumping through hoops to get a site downloaded correctly to my local environment.

I am considering wp migrate db pro and updraft plus. There are a couple of other contenders as well on my list. Going to do some more research over the next couple of days.