Went for a 5 Km walk with Miles

Today went for a walk just with Miles.

Before lunch we had to discuss the load extension issue. I was quite nervous and irritable about it. I thought about it through the day and it should be fine.

Had a good work day. The new thing I’ve realized is that don’t wait for a client to ask you to do something. If you can do something, just go ahead and do it. Don’t worry about getting paid either. That will come. The first thing you have to care about is doing work, learning new things, and contributing to the universe if the universe gives you the chance to do something.

For so long you were just sitting around not doing much. Not being able to do much. Now when you can do small things do them and help other people. No action is forgotten. Make your heart bigger. Be more generous.

Forgive dad also. From his good actions we have lived such a great life. If he made a couple of mistakes, that is fine too. God will sort out everything in a manner that is best for us.

Food was great today. Had leftovers from the Goldies order yesterday at lunch and at dinner we had pizza and chicken kababs – the ones that are made in the oven.

Slept in the afternoon. Keeping my distance from everyone after taking a nap is a great idea. I am not in a place to talk to anyone for at-least 4-5 hours.

Did a very interesting video course by wp tuts on youtube. This was on wordpress, elementor pro, ACF, and elementor custom skins. I am amazed at how quickly one can put together the building blocks for a car dealership website or the website for a real estate broker.

Next I want to do this one

Elementor Pro and JetEngine

Pretty excited about this.

WordPress provides a fixed target as opposed to a moving target with building everything from scratch yourself. If you have a wordpress site you can leverage other tools to build up the front end or the back end or both. Then you can work on some part that needs customization. This is very cool and essential for a freelancer because it frees up time.