Went for a run (Gave dad a haircut as well)

Went for a run with Bhakti after a long time. Miles was also there. It was enjoyable. I did paath along with the run.

Today I spent the whole day working on stuff for Stella.

Got a positive review for the new gig that I had posted. I think i am getting as much work as I can do right now. Nature sent Stella and other people will come the same way. I just need to keep doing what I do.

No courses done today.

Figured out a CSS issue that was satisfying. All the hard work from the coding courses paying some dividends.

Energy levels are better again today.

Good nap in the afternoon.

Gave dad a haircut and beard trim. It was looking good.

I think the ayurvedic medicine is benefitting me. I woke up very tired, but am feeling fine now.