Went to the Ayurvedic pharmacy and got a new oil and shampoo for my hair

Got Miles a multi-vitamin, a calcium supplement and have given him shilajit for two days in a row. Hope is feels better. I kept feeling bad for making him walk so much. He went for a shorter walk today.

I was about to renew my subscription for vedix, but instead ended up going to the Sector 27 pharmacy to get some of Bhakti’s medicines that were prescribed by Kottakkal.

Her medicines should arrive tomorrow. I got two new oils and a shampoo to try. Also got the ingredients to prepare the anti-dandruff solution suggested by fit tuber.

Here is that video for reference:

Anti dandruff ayurvedic home remedy

I’ll probably try this one of these days. Have got the shower caps to wear after putting this solution on the head.

Took a nap in the afternoon.

No projects today on Fiverr. I am actually a bit relieved because I am tired. I need a bit of a break. Some learning and going back to the courses to recuperate for a bit.

Let’s see how things go.

It was Nishan’s birthday yesterday I think. I will try and speak with him one of these days.

Went for a walk with Bhakti.

Went for cycling with the kids.

Was a bit groggy after the nap. In the morning my energy was okay. Had the milk and liquid shilajit in the evening today. It seems like it does good.

Am using the malkangini oil or jyothishmati oil through the nose twice a day as well. I think it is making my memory better.