Zara has some spots on her arm

I think Zara has some insect bite on her arm and her face as well. We all thought it might be chicken pox, but I don’t think it is – neither does mom. Hope she gets better soon.

I think her diet might be at play here. She is trying to have different things.

Went for a nice night walk with Zaina, Zara and Miles. We met this dog (pug) called pablo. He was very cute. He was accompanied by an over-zealous labrador named Goofy. Goofy kept jumping on me. I just remembered how out-of-control big dogs can be.

Zara really begged me to get them a new dog. I said I would think about it.

Zaina and Zara did the table of 16 today. They were able to memorize this, but they could not recall much of the 15 times table. The 5ps is going well here.

I invested in Apollo Tubes and TCS today. The sensex crashed 800 points as well. There might be more crashes around the corner and more buying opportunities. Let’s see.